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Premiere 2011 - 7 min. - 1 artist

First in 2011 in Montreal, intercultural arts, as part of the Éclectik11 event.

It’s the story of a woman who expresses herself through the women of her past. The story of her mother and grandmother, who have chosen to – and continue to – use words to assert themselves.

It’s the story of the protestant Haitian grandmother, a pastor’s wife who has dedicated herself to the church and to the word of God. She has read and reread the words of the Bible each day and continues to live by these words, even after losing her sight. Even while living with Alzheimer’s, when words sometimes do more harm than good.

It’s the story of a modern woman descended from this branch of the family tree, who expresses her state of BEING through silence. Who speaks with silence using her body and her breathing.

Choreography, texts et interpretation : Rhodnie Désir
Music : Boom Jacak