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Premiere 2012 - 50 min. no intermission - 4 artists

Creative residency and premiere took place at the Montreal, arts intercultural, as part of Ascendance / African  and Black History Month, in partnership with Tangente, Agora de la danse, Studio 303 and Circuit-Est.

Dancer and choreographer
 Rhodnie Désir reveals her new interdisciplinary creation as part
of Ascen/danses. With VÍ[REC], Désir bares all and exposes the
juncture between present and past lives. Like a countdown, the
messengers will lend themselves to the ritual of life in seven
sacred steps. A meditation on the mysterious and erratic flow of
breath, and on where it breaches the limits of balance and leaves
its mark on the body. An emerging artist of Haitian descent, Désir
draws upon collective strength and memory - particularly those of
her African ancestors while allowing for cultural cross-
fertilization. Contemporary African dance, the vehicle of breath
itself, merges with audio visual projections. Accompanied by a percussionist, a 
singer who uses an invented language and a juggle,  the Rhodnie Désir brings into focus the constant presence of one’s own breath.

Choreography, staging and vocal compositions: Rhodnie Désir
Performers: Ramon Cespedes, Rhodnie Désir, Kyle Driggs and Joannie Labelle
Visual Projections: Ian Cameron