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Work in progress - 50 min

Photo credit: MWON'D | Dancers: Greg “krypto” Sellinger, Jenny Brizard, Natalia Sirdey, Joe Danny “Dingo” | Photo of Kevin Calixte

<< Je crée pour ne pas crier! >> - Rhodnie Désir

MWON’D , derived from moun (human, being), monde (world), mwen (me) and anmwe (cry of distress), aims to be a call for clarity when faced with the dichotomous acts that human beings create along the path of their lives.

The first creative residency took place in November 2016 at Arsenal Art Contemporain (thanks to the program Creator in motion of Danse Danse), and the second phase is planned at Agora de la Danse during the year 2017 Many thanks to these partners for supporting the creation and granting of residences.

• Choreographer, artistic director, vocal compositions: Rhodnie Désir
• Arrangements: Engone Endong
• Performers: Greg "Krypto" Selinger, Jenny Brizard, Natalia Sirdey, Joe Danny "Dingo"
• Set designer: Hubert Lafore
• Lighting Designer / Technical Director: Jonathan Barro