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Decolonizing Dance Stages (LIRE L'ARTICLE COMPLET)
Presenters talk about breaking barriers  

By Rhodnie Désir

While some presenters and jurors are having these necessary conversations (often from positions where their decisions directly impact artists), each day there are a number of projects and artistic propositions from Indigenous people, people of Colour and artists who are presenting a so-called “non-western contemporary aesthetic technique” who are being refused because of systemic criteria of exclusion. These artists and dance companies face resistance in order to make their art, and many of them must transform their art into a weapon just to be heard. They are often being told to be quiet and wait their turn. Even worse, artists are often invited to present their work or sit on boards and juries as living tokens, given the task of representing many communities at once.

 4 novembre 2017
«Un spectacle très émouvant, qui donnait dans la douceur ! » - Alain Clavette

Explorer les racines Noires d’Halifax par la danse
Radio-Canada Acadie
Émission: Tout un samedi
Chroniqueur : Alain Clavette

1er novembre 2017 (écouter dès 31:58)
BOW’T TRAIL au Téléjournal Acadie

Radio-Canada Acadie
Émission: Téléjournal

31 octobre 2017
Radio-Canada Acadie

Émission: Le Réveil Chroniqueuse : Nathalie Geddry

12 octobre 2017

Après la Martinique, le Bresil et Haïti : Rhodnie Désir s'arrête à Halifax

Radio-Canada Acadie
Émission: Le Réveil
Chroniqueuse : Nathalie Geddry

6 avril 2017
"Vous êtes une vraie de vraie, très grande et puissante artiste!" - Catherine Perrin

Rhodnie Désir: à la recherche des racines noires par la danse.

Émission : Médium Large
Animatrice : Catherine Perrin

Mars/avril 2017
Poetic Désir  - DANCE CURRENT

Vol. 20, Issue 2
Chroniqueur: George Stamos

Rhodnie Désir, a Montréal-based contemporary dance artist, has embarked on a multi-year, multinational project that investigates the local expressions of a shared African diasporic culture. George Stamos profiles an artist trying to make connections across borders.

For her current project, BOW’T TRAIL, Désir is travelling to locations significant to the African diaspora to examine how shared cultural roots, spread by the Atlantic slave trade, are expressed and moulded by current geographic and political forces. In each location she re-expresses her 2013 solo work BOW’T, drawing on local artists, musicians and academics, as well topics and issue of local concern. In this project, as in her work more broadly, Désir seeks to find embrace diversity while finding linkage between individuals across space and time, encouraging viewers to engage as thoughtful global citizens.

22 novembre 2016
BOW'T TRAIL, des histoires dansantes de voyage et de résistance

RCI international
Animatrice : Paloma Martinez

1er septembre 2016
Danse, résistance et migration  - L'ITINÉRAIRE

Vol. 23, Issue 17
Journaliste : Alexandra Guellil

18 août 2016
Entrevue au Téléjournal du midi - TV BRASIL

3 août 2016
Sur la route de l'esclavage

PAGE COUVERTURE et section danse - LE DEVOIR
Journaliste : Yves Bernard

26 juillet 2016
Une artiste d'ici à Rio - RICOCHET

Journaliste : Gabrielle Brassard-Lecours