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Premiere 2013 - 12 min.- 1 artist

Premiere at the Hydro-Québec Studio at the Monument-National as part of the Hybridity and Emergence evening at the Quartier Danse Festival.

“AYEwa” is an onomatopoeia pronounced by migrants who look to the habits of their former life to find their inner strength. It is also a word of gratitude for the ancestors who accompany them as they make their way through this repetitive maelstrom. Désir uses contemporary African dance to focus more closely on the emotions provoked by this perpetual and circular swaying motion that drive her to search for her references. Her voice appears at time to give birth to itself, forcefully, like an impulsive yet rational language.

Choreographer and Performer: Rhodnie Désir
Music: Rhodnie Désir, excerpts from the Pygmies in The Congo album (2009).

Acknowledgements: Quartiers Danse Festival , Zab Maboungou / Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata, La La La Human Steps and  Ambrosia Records.